Cloud Security

Companies across the globe are being target by cyber attacks. We have the tools and expertise to help you protect your business and users against cyber attacks.

Below are some statistics published by Microsoft.

  • In the UK, during Q2 the average number of cyber attacks per business rose to 65,000

  • 81% of security incidents are caused by credential theft

  • 46% of UK businesses have ‘bring your own device’ policies

  • Only 7% of businesses have good visibility of all critical data. 58% say they only have slight control

  • Only 35% of people in the UK use strong passwords

  • 73% of users use password duplicates

  • 90% of login requests are traffic from credential stuffing attacks

  • 80% of security breaches involve privileged credentials

  • It takes between 98 and 197 days for a business to detect a data breach

  • 80% of employees use non-approved apps for work (shadow IT)

The technologies we use to help prevent breaches